The Umoja Group is a grassroots, independent and action oriented group. Mainly a community service organization we sponsor activities that are educational and cultural. In 1989, Dr. Kwami Tuprah, a Fayetteville State University Professor and Mrs. Dorothy Fielder, the E.E. Smith High School Social Worker saw a need for an organization to: (1) promote family and community unity and (2) educate others and ourselves about the positive aspects of our African Heritage. We felt a Kwanzaa celebration, with its emphasis on the Black value system (Nguzo Saba developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga) would be an excellent starting activity. On December 29, 1990, the first public Kwanzaa Celebration took place in the Fayetteville/Cumberland County/Fort Bragg area; at the African American Cultural Center at 328 Gillespie Street. We solicited the aid of the Howard Improvement Association Inc., then under the leadership of Mr. Edward Murphy and Ms. Mary McAllister arranged a caterer to feed the 145 people who attended. With the addition of Ramon Huggins, Wanda Wesley, Cassandra Standifer and Gloria (Yawa) Tuprah the Umoja Group was formed.

The group applied for federal tax exemption thereby became a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in 2005. The Umoja Group has since become a community building organization giving back through donations, scholarships and free community activities open to all.


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